Ryoko Rain is introducing a digital authentication experience with the launch of our scannable NFC clothing tags.  Dopamine World Inc. developed the technology behind this NFC, and once you scan the chipped tag with your phone, it will link you to an authentication gateway where you can track scans and footprints for that specific garment. 

Our first scannable NFC collection drops this Saturday at 12PM PST on

I’ve been seeing Ryoko Rain counterfeits for years now, from copying our designs to actually manufacturing and selling fakes, but we have to see it as a compliment.  It means we made it.  Moving forward, select products and collections will have scannable NFC clothing tags, so you can ensure you have a genuine Ryoko Rain product. 

This innovative technology provides a luxury and distinct experience to our products, and that’s something that is always on my mind–how can I elevate the customer experience and produce more than just a garment?  How can I bring connection and feeling into the pieces I produce?  My gears are constantly turning over ways that I can bring visual and physical experiences into the brand, which means Ryoko Rain is continually evolving.

 We recently upgraded our packaging, so you’ll see different colorways in our new, reusable bags.  The new features make these bags feel more like a collector’s item, which just adds an additional experience aspect to our brand.



Another facet of Ryoko Rain that goes beyond the shorts is the stories we share.  And with my personal connection to the upcoming drop, I want to share some of the background.

 I connected with Chris Hyppa awhile ago and followed along his social media, and one day, he posted a story of a canvas photograph.  I immediately knew that I needed to find out who the photographer was and turn that picture into shorts.  It was an outdoor basketball hoop surrounded by cherry blossom trees.  Long story short, I reached out to Kevin Johnson, booked a flight to Tacoma, Washington, and produced an editorial.  Chris was so willing to give me the opportunity to share his story as one of the best basketball trainers in the world, and Kevin’s talent was the inspiration that fueled this project.

It’s always going to be exciting for me to collaborate with the mainstream brands, but it’s also so impactful to find these gems of talent that align with Ryoko Rain’s values and story.  My favorite part of doing what I do is finding these stories and using the platform to celebrate and share them.