Ryoko Rain has always been about more than the clothes. It’s the story-telling and the power of these connections that keeps me obsessing. 

Creating a newsletter has been on my mind for a long time now, and I’m excited to build this bridge between our clothes and everything we are as a brand. Ryoko Read will bring you along and give you the inside look at what’s going on in my head, upcoming and past collections, manufacturing, family, what I’m feeling, and all the ins and outs of this ride. 

I’m not even sure yet, how often this will be going out, but I know I want to keep this community in tune, keep you inspired, and bring you with me.

My “WHY” behind Ryoko Rain is family. It originated with family, it breathes because of family, and the legacy is family. I have three daughters: Alba, River, and Poet.  When they were really young, they would catch caterpillars with my parents from the Milkweed in their front garden and raise them through their transition to butterflies. Each day was a waiting game to be able to hold the butterflies and release them.

This became a tradition that reflected the stories and life of my family as it evolved and transitioned with the generations. The butterfly represents metamorphosis, delicate beauty, and power. The butterfly is fleeting, as are we.  And the butterfly has this capability of huge impact; one small flap of a butterfly wing can alter an entire trajectory, and that’s The Butterfly Effect.  

This is how I see my girls, and it’s how I see my brand. Ryoko Rain, in a lot of ways, is an extension of them and who I am because of them. 

This brand is a love letter to my Ryoko and my Rain, my daughters, and my family.

“Dear Ryoko” is our Valentine’s Day collection, and it’s taken on a dedication to my third daughter, Poet Love James. This year will be our third “Dear Ryoko” collection, and similar to last year, it will hold a lot of symbolism for her. This is one of my favorite drops all year because it celebrates Poet, my family, and love in general. 

This third “Dear Ryoko” collection will drop Friday, February 9th. Unplanned, but this is also the same week we’re throwing Poet her huge first birthday party. Sweet karmic coincidence.

Alba and River will be modeling this one, and in this February 9th drop, we’re bringing you the first release of Ryoko Rain Kids. It will feature jogger sweats, a crewneck, two youth shirts, mesh shorts, and socks. For the adults, we’re dropping two hoodies, three mesh shorts, a shirt, and a hat. It’s going to be a big one, that’s dear to me, and it’s all in the works.  Set your alarms. Spoil the kids!